1. Vinh T. Tran is an insured and practising lawyer, barrister and solicitor, attorney-at-law, notary public, and commissioner of oaths. If you are willing to pay with your hard earned money for a seal, it makes sense to ensure that such a person providing you with legal services has all the qualifications and credentials needed to validate your identity, signatures, and documents. You want to work with someone who you can actually ask a legal question and who is willing and able to provide you with an answer because he is insured/bonded  to do so. You want to get an honest and direct answer from an experienced and insured lawyer rather than one who offers you "connections" to someone else to give you an answer to your legal question. You want assurances that your documents will be accepted by registries and government agencies such as the Land Titles Transfer Office or financial institutions because many of them will not register your interests on title unless the documents are witnessed, signed, and sealed by an INSURED and PRACTISING lawyer.

2. Vinh T. Tran is a registered member in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and the Official Documents Services Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services. His legal authority is unlimited, for life, and no expiration date for notarization, authentication, and legalization of documents for use in all jurisdictions (local, provincial, national, and international).

3. Credibility begins with a face and a name. Vinh T. Tran has pictures of himself on his websites so that his clients know exactly who to expect when they meet him or inviting him into their homes and businesses. No more looking at stock photos on websites and expecting someone to look like that to be at your home but then someone else looking totally different from the website shows up at your doors. No more meeting with anonymous self-proclaimed lawyers and notaries public without a face, name and contact information. Can you really justify contacting a self-proclaimed professional who refuses to disclose his or her name? Who's the "We", "Our firm" or "Our Agent"? Why the secrecy? If you are having a difficult time finding a name of an individual claiming to be a lawyer, notary public and commissioner of oaths, chances are, the receiving agency you are submitting your documents will have a difficult time verifying that individual's legal authority in order to confirm the authenticity of your documents. Your notarized/commissioned document is only valid if it is done properly by a registered professional and insured lawyer, notary public, and commissioner of oaths. 

4. Fees fully disclosed. No more buyer's remorse feelings. No more gimmicks and surprises, fine prints, asterisks, false advertising, and bait-and-switch schemes in respect to fees. No more as low as $8 or $10 when such a fee does not apply unless one requires more than 20 notarization. Vinh T. Tran will save you time and especially lots of money. There really is no justifiable reason to paying someone $60 for a simple signature and a notary public seal, especially if that person is not even an insured/bonded and practising lawyer. Think about it, the minimum wage in Ontario presently is $11 per hour and it goes further down when you factor in tax and other dues etc.; you should be screaming mad at any person who dares to charge you five or six hours of your work time for a simple signature and seal that takes less than 5 minutes of his or her time. You should not be throwing your money away blindly to a nameless and faceless person for a simple seal. In Vinh T. Tran, you get to confirm the credentials of an insured and practising lawyer, you get to see exact fees, you have comfort by way of the Guaranteed ERROR-FREE Coverage, in knowing that you will NOT have to pay extra to fix errors you may have made in your application.

5. GUARANTEED ERROR-FREE COVERAGE - Because people make mistakes! No more worrying about additional costs of notarization if you accidentally made a mistake on your applications or letters. If for any reason an agency rejects or delays the processing of your application/document as a result of incomplete and missing information or the fact that you inputted erroneous information within the application and the agency requires a new application to be sworn or certified to rectify the error that YOU may have made, just contact Vinh T. Tran's office again and arrange for another meeting to re-certify your application/document without additional charges. You will not find this coverage by any other lawyers or notaries public anywhere.

6. The days of overcharging notarization services are numbered. No more Rip-off Services by Lawyers. Vinh T. Tran will provide you with Free Templates - Forms/Applications/Declarations/Affidavits, Free Simple Review, Free Editing and Free Advice. You pay for the actual notarization only.

7.  A pioneer in practising law virtually, mobile and house call basis.

8. Vinh T. Tran's clients include universities, small to large corporations and businesses, law firms, banks, courts and government agencies, nursing homes and hospitals workers.

9.  3 minutes notarization. No wasting of your time. Most notarization will be on the spot and takes less than 3 minutes.

10. You need certainty that your documents will easily be recognized and accepted without rejections and delays.

11. You need your notarization and certifications to be professionally done with gold foil seals and proper contact information of a notary public on every document.

12. Vinh T. Tran's fees are at least 50% to 75% lower than what other lawyers and notaries public who are from law firms, part-time, and non practising lawyers charge for their services. Imagine the possibilities of using the savings for other stuff than paying a lawyer for a few minutes of work. If you are in need of bulk notarization, comparing Vinh T. Tran's fees with other lawyers/notaries public, you'll be saving yourself between $120 to $200 for 10 or more seals. Be proud, wise, and frugal with your hard-earned cash. Here are some ideas for a better use of your savings:
  • Put it away for a rainy day.
  • Requesting a house call notary public to personally attend to you at the comfort of your home or office for notarization.
  • Getting another set of 10 notarized documents done by Vinh T. Tran, Esq. and still come out with enough money left for a good meal or two.
  • Expensive dinner date with the family.
  • Take the family out for a movie or a sport game.
  • A month of TTC metro pass.
  • A new outfit, a jacket, or really nice shoes.
  • Lunch for a whole week, possibly for two weeks.
  • Netbook, eReader, or MP3 player.
  • Donating the saving to a charity.
  • Purchasing at least 15 lunch meals for the homeless.
  • Lottery for a chance to win millions.

13. Vinh T. Tran gives free tips and shows you how to save money for notarization, authentication, and legalization.

14. House Call Notary Public is open 7 days a week. With sufficient notice and acceptance of the fees, Vinh T. Tran can be available any time of day.


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