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My name is Vinh T. Tran,  I am a licensed, insured, and practising lawyer. I am also a registered notary public and an officer of the court to commission oaths/affidavits/statutory declarations in and for the Courts and the Province of Ontario, Canada. I am a registered member in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and the Official Documents Services Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services. You can take solace in knowing that I will properly notarize and commission your document in accordance to the laws and standards for use in Canada and foreign jurisdictions.  I take pride in the fact that my legal authority and identity can easily be verified by different agencies, including but not limited to: financial institutions, law firms, hospitals, universities, embassies and consulate offices in Canada and around the world. All reputable lawyers, notaries public, and commissioners of oaths in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, never refuse to disclose their full names, credentials, contact information, and fees.

I provide personal house calls and mobile legal services to Torontonians and those living in the Greater Toronto Area, including but not limited to: the Town of Ajax, Ancaster, Aurora, Barrie, Belleville, Bolton, Bracebridge, Brandford, Brampton, Brockville, Burlington, Caledon, Cobourg, Collingwood, Cooksville, Durham, East York, Etobicoke, Gravenhurst, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Guelph, Halton, Hamilton, Hanover, Havelock, Huntsville, Kingston, King City, Kitchener, London, Manotick, Markham, Meaford, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Nepean, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Newcastle, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Orillia, Orleans, Oshawa, Peterborough, Peel Region, Pickering, Scarborough, Thornhill, Downtown Toronto, Upper Canada, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Unionville, Weston, Willowdale, Whitby, Woodbridge, and locally at Yorkdale Shopping Mall, Eaton Centre, Bay Atrium, Yonge-Bloor Yorkville, College Park, Kensington Market, Chinatown, Koreatown, High Park, Little Italy, Greektown, Cabbagetown, College Park, also including most of the nursing homes and hospitals where many of my clients are doctors, nurses and patients. As long as the clients are willing to accept the notarization and travel fees then I am happy to make a visit to see them at the comfort of their homes or place of business. In the alternative, if you want to save on money and you can travel to see me in Toronto, I provide exceptional professional legal services for very affordable notarization fees.
1. Wills and Codicils
2. Power of Attorney for Property
3. Power of Attorney for Personal Care
4. Affidavits of Execution of Wills and Powers of Attorney
5. ILA Certificate - Independent Legal Advice Certificate for Mortgages and all forms of Contracts and Agreements (including, but not limited to Divorce and Separation Agreements).

Unlike non-practising lawyers who act as notaries public and who are not insured and are not permitted to provide legal advice, as a practising and insured lawyer, I DO offer the above legal services and my fees will reflect the work and insurance coverage levi that I must consider when placing my seal on those documents. These are important documents that carry great risk of liability to my practice. The fees that I charge for notarization do not justify the risk of placing my good name and credentials on documents that have been drafted by lay persons or printed off the internet. The fees for these documents will start at $200.  

1. Power Attorney for Personal Care = $200 Tax Included
2. Power Attorney for Property = $200 Tax Included
3. Powers of Attorney - Personal Care and Property = $300 Tax Included
4. Will = $300 to $500 Tax Included*
5. Will and 2 Powers of Attorney Combo = $600 to $800 Tax Included*
6. Mirror Couple Combo - 2 Wills 4 Powers of Attorney = $800 to $1000 - Tax Included*
7. Independent Legal Advice - ILA = $300 to $600 depending on legal issue, age and educational level the client, complexity, urgency, number of pages, and distance from lawyer's office.

* Scale Fees Depending on:
1. Completion of Self-Administered Questionnaire
2. Urgency
3. Age of the Client
4. Underage Children
5. Real Estate Properties, Extra Provincial and International Assets
6. Family Composition (Divorce, Separation, Common Law Relationship, Blended Family etc)
7. Complex Trusts and Unusual Requests
8. Distance from the Lawyer's Office
9. Access to Email Communication

In addition, all of the above services will include the following:
1. Three Personal House Call Visits to the Client
  • Intake - 30min to 90min consultation and Retainer Agreement
  • Execution - Attendance for Execution - 30min
  • Hand Over - Completed Original Estate Documents, Certified True Copies, Reporting Letters, Receipt.

2. All Original Estate Documents will be returned and given to the client in protective binder sleeves along with certified true copies, affidavits of execution, and reporting letters. 

3. Ongoing communication via email with the client or permitted representatives for review and clarification to finalize the draft. It is expected that the client or a permitted representative will have access to email so that the lawyer can send working drafts to the client for review and approval. 

4. Depending on the documents and services requested, a turn around time is between 2 to days. I will be able to provide an initial draft between 2 to 7 days. But it is highly recommended that the client review and sit on the initial draft provided by my office for several days before approving the final draft. I will NOT accept cases where I am forced to complete a matter within a day. 

The Client's responsibility:
1. Provide all relevant identifications, notes from doctors or social workers (where relevant), papers including insurance, locations of assets and financial institutions, pensions, marriage and divorce certificates, adoption documents etc. 
2. Arrange for 2 witnesses who are not named or related to the any person named within the estate documents. If you require my office to arrange for the witnesses on your behalf, the fee for each witness to be paid directly to the witness will be $75.
3. Payment for services rendered at the completion of the requested services in cash, electronic, or cheque in the lawyer's name. 

Review for completion and accuracy of your Estate Documents drafted by other law firms and lawyers are FREE if you can scan and email the documents to my office. Please do not send the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. 

If you would like to receive a questionnaire for estate planning options, please email my office at vinhtranlaw@hotmail.com
Toronto Lawyer’s Foreign Divorce Legal Opinion Letter

The Onus:

In order to apply for a Marriage Licence in Ontario after a divorce that occurred in a foreign country/ out-of-country divorce, you will need to submit various documents to the Government of Ontario evidencing that:

  • you are no longer married to your ex-spouse(s),
  • you now are eligible to get married or remarried legally in Canada
  • the divorce decree/ court order/ divorce certificate was properly obtained (as opposed to illegally obtained or obtained by fraud or coercion and duress etc.) and that such court divorce order appears to correspond to the requirements of the Divorce Act and therefore should be recognized as if it was legally obtained and valid in Canada.

For more information visit https://www.ontario.ca/government/getting-married

Documents to Submit:

You will need to send the following documents to:

Marriage Office
PO Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L8

  1. Marriage licence application: this document contains questions regarding personal information about yourself/applicant and your fiancé/joint applicant which will need to be executed by the applicants.
  2. The Foreign Divorce Decree/ Court Order/ Divorce Certificate/ Annulment: an original or court-certified copy. If the decree or court order is in another language, you will need to include an English translated copy and an affidavit sworn by a certified translator.
  3. Statement of Sole Responsibility: for each divorce (signed by you/applicant and fiancé  and a witness or by a lawyer/notary public): in other words, for every divorce that either you/applicant or fiancé/joint applicant had previously,  there must be a separate Statement of Sole Responsibility form acknowledging that even if the Government of Ontario were to issue a Marriage Licence to you both pursuant to section 8 of the Marriage Act, it does not necessarily mean that the foreign divorce decree/annulment will be recognized and interpreted as valid by the Courts in the Province of Ontario; and that is it still the sole responsibility of the applicants to ensure that the stated divorce(s) have completely severed any former marriages. The following is a step-by-step instruction to completing the Statement of Sole Responsibility form and to clarify the confusing wordings within the form:
    • State your name/name of applicant and city of residency
    • State your fiancé name /joint applicant name and city of residency
    • State the name of the city, province and country that granted the divorce (this information is within the divorce decree/court order)
    • State the official date the divorce was granted (this information is within the divorce decree/court order)
    • Re-State your name or your fiance's name (person's whose name is on the divorce degree/court order)
    • State the name of the ex-spouse to the previously divorced person (this information is within the divorce decree/court order).
    • Sign by the applicants and a witness or by the lawyer/notary public
  4. Legal Opinion Letter of the Foreign Divorce Decree/ Court Order/ Divorce Certificate/ Annulment by a registered and insured Ontario lawyer. You will need to retain the services of a lawyer to inspect and review the original divorce decree/court order in order to determine its authenticity. Further, the lawyer is legally obligated to seek clarification surrounding the foreign divorce to determine the legitimacy of the foreign divorce. When the lawyer is satisfied with the information provided, the lawyer will draft and issue a legal opinion letter. The lawyer’s legal opinion letter will address both applicants who are planning to get in Ontario by applying the facts to Canadian law in order to arrive at legal reasons in support of the validity of the foreign divorce and that it should be recognized in Ontario. Upon being properly retained, you will be asked to provide the following document(s) and information to my office:
      • Your/Applicant information:
        • Full Legal Name and any other aliases as shown on government issued photo ID’s and the divorce decree/ court order (if applicable)
        • Date of Birth
        • Contact: Address, Phone, Email
        • Profession
      • Fiancé/Joint Applicant information:
        • Full Legal Name and any other aliases as shown on government issued photo ID’s and the divorce decree/ court order (if applicable)
        • Date of Birth
        • Contact: Address, Phone, Email
        • Profession
      • Photocopy of ID’s: both yours and your fiancé’s on the same page in duplicate for my certification.
      • Original or Court Certified Copy of all divorce decree/ court order for my examination and inspection PLUS a photocopy of the same document for my certification.
      • Ex-spouse information:
        • Full Legal Name and any other aliases as shown on government issued photo ID’s or the divorce decree/ court order
        • Date of Birth
        • Confirmation of the wedding date and location
        • Confirmation regarding the length of time and location the ex-spouse resided PRIOR to the wedding date.
        • Confirmation regarding the length of time and location that you or your ex-spouse stayed PRIOR to the date the divorce was granted.
        • Current Contact: Address, Phone, Email (if known)
        • Profession
        • Whether ex-spouse has remarried (if known).
      • Name and contact information of at least two (2) verifiers, persons who can be contacted by my office or the government of Ontario, who can attest to the separation and divorce.
Fees and Process

My fee for a Legal Opinion Letter of a Foreign Divorce Decree/ Court Order depends on urgency:

3 to 5 business days =$200 tax included.

1 to 2 business days =$250 tax included.

Within Several Hours to a Day = $300 tax included (depending on my schedule).

The fee includes the following:

  • Intake: continuous communication via text/email/phone calls wherein you will provide the information required as listed above.
  • Execution: Personal face-to-meeting – no virtual verification or mail courier verification. One of you must be present to have a face-to-face meeting with me:
Policies Regarding Your Identity and Your Documents:

To combat fraud, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), which governs lawyers and law firms practicing in the Province of Ontario, Canada, has amended its Bylaw 7.1 which now requires all lawyers to make  identification and verification of ALL clients; Similar regulations are now also in place in most other Canadian jurisdictions.

As a result, please NOTE the following information about yourself MUST now be obtained by my office to comply with the LSUC's identification requirements:

Individual Client:
  • Full name - VERIFICATION VIA PHOTO ID'S (non-expired photo IDs.).
  • Home address and home telephone number
  • Business address and phone number 
  • E-mail address
  • Occupation
  • Copy or photograph of the document where the seal lands.

Organization Client:
  • Organization’s full name
  • Organization’s business address and phone number
  • Organization’s incorporation or business identification number and the place of issuance, if applicable.
  • The general nature of the type of business or businesses of activity or activities engaged in by the organization (not required if the organization is a financial institution, government body or a company that is not a private company).
  • Name, position and contact information of all individuals authorized to provide instructions on behalf of the organization.
  • Copy or photograph of the document where the seal lands.

  • Passport - Canadian or Foreign bearing the full legal name
  • Driver's Licence
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Indian Status Card
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • Canadian Federal Firearms Licence
  • Nexus Card
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind Identification Card CNIB
  • Canadian Armed Forces/ Military Identification Card
  • Foreign National Identification Card issued by a Government Agency
  • Articles of Incorporation

At least two (2) of the following as secondary identifications if you do not have any of the above listed identifications:
  • Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Social Security Card
  • Provincial Health Card Card exp. OHIP
  • Birth Certificate - short or long form
  • Marriage Certificate - Canadian or Foreign
  • Old Age Security Card
  • Credit Card or Telephone Bill/Gas Bill etc. bearing your full name exactly as the other secondary identification.
  • Professional Licence Board and Membership Cards (Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineer, Law Enforcement, Paramedics).
  • School Transcripts and Current Student Card
  • Temporary Resident Permit and Record of Landing
  • Liquor Control Board Age of Majority BYID Card


For your protection, I am Vinh T. Tran, you can verify my name, pictures, and credentials. I am a sole practitioner, lawyer, notary public and commissioner of oaths. I do not employ anyone who can access your private information. I also do not work for any persons or companies who can dictate the use of your private information. I have given lectures to lawyers and companies on various subjects including creating public trust and how to protect private information from external contractors and agencies, and especially from internal employees. I am NOT associated with, affiliated with, or related to, any other law firm, organization, corporation, association or notaries public directory services.
For many lawyers and paralegals, the experience of practising law and providing legal services may not have panned out into the expectations they may have about the legal profession. By the time you come to reading this blog and seeking the services of a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits to sign and seal your LSUC Application to Surrender a Licence to Provide Legal Services, you may have already taken serious consideration about the process and this option logically would save you from paying the LSUC mandatory annual fees and insurance just to be called a lawyer or a paralegal. I want you to understand that if you are still unsure about the decision, you are welcome to contact my office and I will be happy to set out some time to sit with you for a cup of coffee and help you arrive at a comfortable decision at no charge. Trust me, you may be surprised about what I truly feel about your gut decision to surrender your licence, the bitter taste of spending all the time and money getting the credentials only to experience that the legal profession was not all that it meant to be for you.

If you are certain about the decision to surrender your licence to provide legal services, then you actually have all my support and I will be happy to assist in commissioning your Application for submission to the Law Society of Upper Canada. Please contact my office via text 647-209-7389 or email vinhtranlaw@hotmail.com.
Gathering your documents together in preparation to apply for graduate schools can be a daunting experience. The processes varied depending on the type of program you are applying to and whether the schools are located in a foreign country: teaching/education, law, medicine, psychology, MBA etc. You can be certain that depending on certain school policies you may need to get some or all of the following supporting documents commissioned or notarized:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Letter of Reference - Academic
  • Letter of Reference - Professional
  • Transcripts
  • Writing Samples
  • University Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, and Awards
  • Resume

Many of you may have just completed your undergraduate program and may not have been able to secure employment or drowning in student loan debts to be able to afford the notarization fees charge for lawyers. To get free or reduced fees for notarization, first I would suggest contacting your school's legal clinic, if your school has a law school and legal department, then you may be able to get your notarization done for free or for a small donation to the clinic, they will often provide free service if you are applying to the graduate program through the same school. Otherwise, I am happy to assist by contacting my office through text 647-209-7389 or email vinhranlaw@hotmail.com
You have completed your legal education and training and now you want to begin the process of registering with a governing body and take the admission exams to properly be called a licensed lawyer or licensed paralegal. In Ontario, the legal governing body is the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Depending on whether you had most of your legal education and practice in Canada or in a foreign country and whether you are a Canadian citizen, a foreigner on a study permit or a permanent resident, there are different documents that you must get notarized as "certified true copy" for submission to prove your legal name and identity. At the end of the application process, you are expected to come before a notary public or commissioner of oaths and be sworn as to the accurate completion of your application.

You should note the list of identifications NOT accepted as documents evidencing your name if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, being the following:

  • Passports
  • Baptismal Certificates
  • Birth Registrations
  • Indian Status Certificates
  • Driver's Licence or
  • OHIP and SIN

You MUST ATTEND AT A LAWYER/NOTARY PUBLIC OFFICE and get one of the following ACCEPTABLE documents notarized as certified true copy for your application submission as proof of legal name:

  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Card - both sides
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Certificate of Birth Abroad
  • Statement of Live Birth, and/where applicable
  • Marriage Certificate showing your maiden name where applicable plus one from the above list.

If you are NOT a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you MUST ATTEND AT A LAWYER/NOTARY PUBLIC OFFICE and get the following ACCEPTABLE documents notarized as certified true copy for your application submission as proof of legal name:

  • Foreign Passports
  • Work or Study Permit and/or
  • Temporary Resident Visa

Feel free to contact my office via text 647-209-7389 or email vinhtranlaw@hotmail.com for all your questions and inquiries into the accreditation and registration processes, and of course to notarize and commission your identification and your application. I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you to make the transition into the legal professional an enjoyable one. I always make extra time for students of the legal profession to pick my brain. I will give you honest answers and tips from the registration process, to the exams and how to open your own practice and keep a reputable and good standing status with the regulator.

If you are in need of to renew/reissue your Indian Passport while in Canada, you will need to consult with the Consulate General of India in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the help of a lawyer and notary public.

You may need your Indian Passport renewed or reissued due to many reasons including but not limited to damaged/ lost passports, change in legal name and physical appearances, divorce, birth and marriage, and allowing the passport expiration date to lapse. For these circumstances, you will need to execute a specific Affidavit and get it sworn and sealed by a lawyer and notary public in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The prescribed forms of the Affidavits can be downloaded through the Passport India website or to contact my office directly via email at vinhtranlaw@hotmail.com for a sample template if none of the Affidavits/Forms relate to your particular circumstances.

Please review my website slowly and carefully for instructions regarding contact, location, and fees. Please do not make telephone inquiries. All inquiries must be done in writing via email to vinhtranlaw@hotmail.com or text 647-209-7389.
Applying to change your sex and gender designation on your birth certificate is a legal procedure that is actually not as complicated as you might suspect. See this link for the step-by-step procedure to Changing your SEX Designation in Ontario. You will be required to complete several very short forms and provide a small payment to complete the process. One of these forms is a Statutory Declaration for Change of Sex Designation on a Birth Certificate that you will need to get a commissioner of oaths or notary public to sign and seal.

It is recommended that you might consider getting your name change application notarized and commissioned at the same time you get your Statutory Declaration for Change of Sex Designation notarized and commissioned to save on time and fees.

Vinh T. Tran, Google+

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