If you just got married, you do not have to legally or formally change your last name. You have the following options:
1. Keep your last name
2. Assume your spouse's last name
3. Combine yours and your spouse's last names with a space in between, or
4. Combine the last names with a hyphen

Many institutions will assist with the processing of your new assumed last name by evidence or proof of a marriage certificate and a current valid photo id plus a small fee. 

In the event you decide to legally and formally change your name to a completely different name or just your last name, you can get more information and the application from the link here {Name Change Application and Information}. You will need to contact a commissioner of oaths to sign and seal the declaration statement within the Application. You will need to provide additional information about yourself to complete the legal name change process. The administrative fee for this option is also higher than the option to assume your spouse's last name as mentioned above.

There may be instances where you may need to declare or assume a name other than your legal name for trade or business purposes, for example, for real estate licensing registration in Ontario. Or you may need to clarify spelling errors or errors in date of birth or lack of evidence of a birth certificate etc. for immigration purposes, then an Affidavit may be required to be submitted to explain or clarify the irregularities or discrepancies. This Affidavit needs to be sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths. I welcome your request for a sample template via email at vinhtranlaw@hotmail.com.


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